Litigation service overview

There are four main stages under the debt recovery process:

  • Pre-claim;
  • Uncontested litigation;
  • Contested litigation; and
  • Enforcement.

Each stage is managed by a team experienced and competent in that particular stage of the debt recovery process. Recovery may be achieved during the provision of any one of the following services.

  • Issuing a letter of claim (Pre-Action Protocol)
  • Issuing a claim (whether single or multi-debt)
  • Obtaining a CCJ
  • Enforcement
  • Managing contested claims
  • Representing you at Court hearings
  • Handling applications
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Costs of instruction

As a specialist firm offering tailored litigation and debt recovery services in the UK, our pricing will be equitable and commensurate with various factors, including:

  1. The intricacy of your instructions.
  2. The extent of work you intend to delegate to us.
  3. The suitable legal track for these cases (small claims, fast-track, or multi-track).
  4. The duration of our engagement with you.

For cases we handle, you should anticipate incurring both fees and disbursements. Fees encompass payments made to the court, such as the initial court fee for commencing a claim. Disbursements refer to expenses we may need to cover on your behalf, such as engaging a barrister for your representation.

Additionally, there may be situations, typically resulting from an adverse judicial decision, where the court mandates you to cover the opposing party’s expenses. Our experts will provide guidance on steps that can be taken to minimise this risk as much as possible.

Please be aware that the ability to recover costs is restricted in small claims cases, and most consumer cases fall into this category. Cases allocated to the fast track or multi-track will involve a different cost arrangement, which will be outlined in our engagement terms.

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